HCK test "Oplocks Test Win7" is getting hanged

Running HCK tests on our Software driver files to obtain Microsoft Signed certificates for our drivers to run on Windows 7 machine.
HCK Controller/Server : Windows 2008 R2 Server
HCK Client: Windows 7 Pro

Out of 27 HCK tests, only one test is hanged i.e. "“Oplocks Test Win7” is in the Running state only and not getting completed.
Screenshot attached:

And its is not generating any logs and not showing any errors while running. Even the prerequisite configurations for running this test is taken care.
Can anyone please help on why this issue is happening with the Oplocks tests?

AFAIK this test may run long. MSDN wrote: “Expected run time (in minutes) 540”
Oplocks Test

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Did it fail, or did you force the test to stop? As Aleh said, the test takes 9 hours to run. Is this actually a file system filter driver?

It did not fail. Yea I have read that it takes 9hours to complete, so I started the test on a Friday and left it over the Weekend for about 3-days, which was still in the Running state only. So, I force stopped it and ran again, still same issue even after 9-hours.
Yes, its a File System Filter Driver.

What does the client machine say, what’s the status on it?
The tests have a command line “UI”, so you can get more information. Or
even attach a debugger if you feel there is a hang in driver land.

Does the hang go away if you remove your filter? In the past we’ve had machines that just can’t pass the tests (usually comes down to some ridiculous timing requirements in the tests).

This is what the Client machine is showing: Command line UI

Did not get Scott_Noone_(OSR), how can I remove the Filter?

You’re presumably testing a file system Minifilter, right? If you remove your Minifilter, and just run the test, does it pass?


Does it change eventually? Seems like it is just taking a VERY long time?

That should break eventually.

If not, have you applied HCK errata?

This is what the Client machine is showing: Command line UI

@“Peter_Viscarola_(OSR)” , my driver will not run if I remove the Minifilter.

@Dejan_Maksimovic , yes I have installed the Filters downloaded from
Still it just hangs…

That’s the point. See what Mr. @“Scott_Noone_(OSR)” said above. Sometimes, regular Windows running on certain systems can’t pass the tests.


So, what is the better way to make this test pass? without passing this test, the Microsoft does not sign our submitted drivers.

find a machine that can pass this test without your driver, then install your driver and run the test again. If it passes you are good to go. if not, then the failure is something that you can do something about