HCK/HKL - Windows Servers and some other questions


I am writing an AV filter and I have been told that I have to start supporting W7/W8/W8.1 as well as their server equivalents.

Up until now I was using attestation signing, which was enough.

I have 4 questions:

  1. Do I need to run WCK/WLK tests for Windows Server, if I have tested them on equivalent versions of regular Windows? (for example W7, Server 2008 or W8, Server 2012)
  2. Do I need to run W8 if I run W8.1 tests? I assume yes, since its a different OS.
  3. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/test/hlk/ provides links to 9 different builds of W10-W11. Do I need to run them all? If not, is it enough to run 1 per OS version?
  4. I use an WFP filter, which requires user interaction during tests. Is there any way to automate the user input? If not, if I split the driver into regular driver and WFP driver, will I have to run WFP tests only for the later? (I assume WCK detected I linked in WFP and asked me to run WFP tests, not sure whether this is how it works or if all AV filters are asked for WFP testing)

In general, if your driver package is certified for an older version, it will work just fine on newer versions. There are checkboxes when you submit your package that tell them which systems you want. Manufacturers do not automatically resubmit all of their drivers when a new version of Windows comes out.