GUID for KMDF WPP (was: Reasons NOT to use KMDF)

Bob Kjelgaard wrote:

From one of Steve Cleary’s posts:
> Slightly off-topic: are there .ctl files for the KMDF WPP logs? I tried to grab the logs
> using tracelog/traceview, but there doesn’t seem to be enough information provided
> with the KMDF to make this possible. So I had to set up WinDbg with a remote
> debugging session, etc., which seems a bit of overkill just to watch some trace
> statements… I saw on various newsgroups that others had the same problem.

?? On Vista and up, anyway, the provider is registered with ETW- so you can use
traceview (which supports “registered providers”- see its WDK documentation), pick it
fom the list of named providers [“KMDFv1 Trace Provider”], and point to the same TMF
File you use for the kernel debugger.

On back-level, you can manually enter the GUID {544d4c9d-942c-46d5-bf50-
df5cd9524a50}. I’m not aware of any CTL files- that may be hole in the product
offering- I’ll take that up with the group…

Bob -

Thanks for this! The GUID works perfectly, and of course I can make my own ctl file with this. :slight_smile: (XP Pro SP2, not brave enough for Vista yet)

-Stephen Cleary