GetIfTable() function problem

Hi, guys, and sorry for re-posting this message,
it’s just that I’m not sure if it got to the list
(I did not get any replies… :wink: )

So, here’s my problem:

I’m running on an NT4, SP6 (workstation), and trying to use the above
IPHelper function.

It returns the PMIB_IFTABLE structure, and inside there are a few
MIB_IFROW structures, with all the data, but the most important field -
wszName, which should hold the name of the interface (e.g.: NdisWan6,
El90x1 etc.) is empty!

I know it’s a wide-character field, and I’m trying to use
WideCharToMultiByte -
but the strings are empty !!!

Is it a known bug? Am I doing something wrong?
Is there another way to get this data? How does
ipconfig do it?

thanks in advance,

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