FwpmFilterSubscribeChanges for kernel mode WFP driver


I have WFP driver, which filter inbound/outbound network traffic,
I want to get notified when someone deletes my sublayer/wfp FILTER.
I am referring to

I went through different samples present and msdn and WFP Architecture, I am assuming my driver is kind of sublayer.

I was trying to achieve this using msdn sample. “monitoring filter changes” ie. user mode example.

I want use this user mode scheme/logic in my kernel mode WFP driver by calling ** FwpmFilterSubscribeChanges0 ** with callbacks.

Question is can I use same API in my kernel mode WFPdriver? If not what is correct way to use this kind of notification.

I tried building my driver using this API, driver built successful with external linker specification for Fwpuclnt.lib(this is user mode DLL, I didnt find kernl mode DLL with similar exports), driver failed to load.

Any help really appreciated.