FW: New test release of WinDBG

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From: Andre Vachon

My team has just released a new test version of WinDBG on

We have done some major work on the UI, reenabling all the important
features that were missing from the WinHEC release.
We have added a number of new debugger commands, and fixed a lot of bugs
reported by our internal users.

We are acutally getting more internal usage of WinDBG then ever. Many
of the hardcore i386kd.exe users are now using WinDBG, and we have had
very few complaints (all of which have been fixed already)

So I really hope you will give it a try and give us some feedback at

We appreciate the good feeback but really want to hear about the bad.
Don’t get frustrated with the debugger - let us know about the problems
so we can fix them !

I also encourage *everyone* to take a look through the documentation.
I especially encourage advanced users to look through the reference
section for the debugger commands, as we have enhanced and added many
commands. A number of commands have also changed from the old WinDBG as
our command syntax is based on i386kd.exe

If you find any bugs (even bugsin the documentation), please let us know

  • we will do our best to get them fixed quickly.

Bugs, request for features, praise, complaints, etc : send mail to


The WinDBG team.

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