FsRtlMdlReadDev - CcMdlRead

I am developing a kernel mode server, similar to the NT/2K/XP SMB server

Unlike srv.sys, I will not be serving files through TDI, but through some
other mechanism. That said, the backend of my server will be very similar
to srv.sys. I need the highest performance interface to the filesystems
and cache manager available. Writes will require a single copy, but I
should be able to ship reads directly to the hardware, from MDLs that
describe the file data in the system cache.

It would seem that the interface srv.sys uses for this purpose consists

I am unable to find documentation for these functions exported from
ntoskrnl.exe. Are these functions documented in the IFS kit? It would
seem that any other developer of a kernel mode server, say an NFS server or
a high performance http server, would require access to these functions.

Pointers to the documentation, and any other sage advice is appreciated.

Thank you,

Jason Whitehorn

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