FsLogix and name providers?

Hi. I have a name provider, that is sitting below FsLogix.
It appears that it when they are both active, user mode calls GetLongPathName, for folders inside C:\Users, that it does not without either of the filters.

Does anyone have an insight why this could be? Note that I am not interested in what GLPN does, rather how come it is called. Som Name provider flags? It is not called directly from the app, but from within some Windows DLLs

Regards, Dejan.

Its been too long since I fought that fight but I would be looking for another file system device. I have a vague memory that the DLLs open some funky file name on an equally funky device and a minifilter issues a STATUS_REPARSE up to the real files.

I will recheck regular ProcMon output as I used ProcMonLow to see the I/O.
There is no alternative.

Can someone from MS confirm that FsLogix does not actually store files in
C:\Users on the disk but fully virtualizes them from a container that in
another folder? This would be sufficient. Installing FsLogix in a VM to
check that is quite time consuming and likely to fail along the way.

Regards, Dejan.

Broadly speaking FsLogix mounts a VHD as the user’s home directory

Currently it does, and it does seem to reparse the User profile.

I figured the issue. It was so simple, that I did not even think soneone
would make such code (third party app was the issue).