Filter needs to be last or BSOD

I’ve got a simple filter built on sfilter that on some of our users’
machines is causing a BSOD during boot, especially after they’ve installed
another driver. If they uninstall ours and reinstall, thereby making it
the last driver loaded, it often fixes the problem. I believe, but can’t
prove, that the BSOD actually occurs prior to any filtering taking place.
We do load a config file using ZwCreateFile after ReinitDriver.

You’d think this would be obvious to debug, but we can’t duplicate the
problem here, and I’m not getting anywhere just staring at code.

If I don’t use any of the new XP IFS functions I shouldn’t need to build a
separate version for XP should I?

I’m using Sfilter from IFS kit I got last January. Any significant updates
to sfilter since then?

Any other ideas?



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