Filter all removable devices or devices


I am new to device drivers programming.
I am interested in finding out is there a way or possible to filter all
devices that is connected to the system.
Meaning all accessing needs to go through this driver before it goes to
the specific device driver.

I wanted to try to filter all removable devices regardless how they are
connected to the system. Can be PCMCIA, USB, Firwire, Parallel, Serial or
Is it possible to do such things?
And regardless of the device, be it floppy, cdrom, dvd, hard disk, cdrw,
or flash memory.

I have tried to filter on the FILE_DEVICE_DISK and have put my filter
driver as a UpperFilter in the Disk Drives, it can only filter removable
devices but not removable floppy drive (USB type). And if I put the filter
at Floppy Drives entry I will be able to filter floppy.However I find it
troublesome as each device I have to put my filter in that entry.
Is that a global place I can put my filter driver?

Thank You!