FileSystem Minifilter File Read Operation

I am newbie to FileSystem Minifilter driver development. I want to write my minifilter driver that will send the file data of specific extension to my userspace application. This is only done when file is going to be read or wirte by the user.

I will get the extension of the file by using “FltGetFileNameInformation” but I am having difficulty that for this operation where i have to write my pre and post call back routines that is either in IRP_MJ_READ and IRP_MJ_WRITE or just in IRP_MJ_CREATE ?

Also i have write pre callback routine in IRP_MJ_READ and print a debug output but couldnt get on debug when i am reading file of volume attach to the minifilter driver. Whats the reason for it?

Kindly Help in this regard please…

You are very confused and have no idea what to ask here :frowning:
Go for the basics.