File system filter - minifilter communication with user mode application.


I’m very much new to the drivers coding. Here I’m seeking for some help, where I want to build a user application which prints the message came from the minifilter, where this user application need to print the message only when any file creation operation is performed i.e. IRP_MJ_CREATE callback method is triggered.

I have explored some of the topics like IOCTL where when user application requests the message then minifilter sends the message to user application. In my case I want to send a simple message to application from minifilter when any create/read/write file operation is performed.

Here I’m seeking for any link, tutorial or any API’s suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

A a beginner you should probably consider communication ports.

There are other techniques which (IIRC) give you much more control over some usually-unimportant edge cases but this should do all that you need and more.

There may be better reference links than the one I provided but that link will get you started.

This is probably a better link