FailReasonID on USB device?

I’m tweaking a USB WDM driver to add support for a new device that contains an
internal hub with attached devices. Those attached devices use a bus driver
that spins off its own child devices. It’s working ok under Win 2000, with all
the devices enumerating, but under Win 98 I’m getting a DWORD value called
“FailReasonID” in the Registry hardware key in the USB branch for the first
parent device in the box.

I can’t find anything wrong in the PnP processing, but the USB device just
doesn’t seem to be enumerating correctly. With ‘0’ generally indicating “happy”
in the Windows world, a FailReasonID == 0x00000000 kind of puzzles me. That and
the fact that Google searches of the web and usenet turn up nothing useful, nor
does the Microsoft website complex.

Does anybody have any idea what this “FailReasonID” is about?


Chris Myers
Senior Project Engineer
Quatech, Inc.

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