Facing issue in windows serial device driver

Hello Community,
I am new in windows device driver.I have built a com port driver for a printer device which is having FTDI chip(Serial to USB converter) mounted on it.I am facing issue to communicate with printer device.
I have followed some OSR article and according yo that I have taken reference from the serial driver. I am able to install the com port after the modification.
But I am not able to how I can communicate with usb printer device. I have tried to retrieve the USB configurations(Endpoints,Descriptors etc.) of target device.
I have created the USB handle successfully but unable to retrieve the USB configuration.Please help me if you guys have something about it.
I use this API(WdfUsbTargetDeviceSelectConfig) for retrieving information of the device but it fails with status value 1073741811(decimal).
Thank you in advance.