F10 acts almost like F5 sometime

I know that Windbg does not quite claim to be able to debug user and kernel
in one session ( it might have changed lately). But it is what I’m trying to
do. I was fairly successful most of the time.

The Env. is that I need to debug a service with two drivers ( one is a
legacy filter, and another is pseudo file system). The OS is streamed over
network. The sevice and drivers streams apps over network. Since streaming
takes a bit of time, my main goal is to have a very very minimal XP sp 2, no
other baggage ( whether debugger or other dev/dbg package).

If I boot the streamed OS under debug enabled, I break into the service when
it starts ( since I’ve embedded int 3). Now I was able to debug service and
drivers at the same time with single session.

But sometime I’m noticing that F10 works almost like F5. I am using Multimon
workspace. Also I tried the Windbg’s menu to see if it makes a difference
but when this happens, it is
the same behavior for both function key or menu item.

I use the latest 32bit windbg that is available.

Any thoughts?