Explorer does not refresh automatically

Hi All,

We have a file system encryption driver which is a minifilder driver. As part of encryption we create a new file which will contain the encrypted data in same folder as that of original file. Once all the data is written in to new file we delete the original file. But if you keep that folder open in explorer during encryption, it keeps showing original file and not the new one until you explicitly refresh explorer by pressing F5. Our expectation is that explorer should automatically refresh the list of files being shown as new file gets created and old file gets deleted. Our driver is using FltCreateFileEx to create new file and FltCreateFileEx with FILE_DELETE_ON_CLOSE flag to delete the original file. It also uses not NULL instance pointer, so these IOs will not be re-entrant.

I have verified that directory change notifications are getting generated for file creation and deletion by writing sample user mode application. Not sure why explorer is not responding to them. I have also tried to create the file from cmd, explorer refreshes the view automatically in that case.

Let me know if you have any clues?

Thanks & Regards,
Amit Kulkarni.