EV cert recommendations

My DigiCert EV cert is going to expire in a few months and I noticed that they have significantly raised their price since I last bought it. Three years ago it was just under $1000 and now a three year renewal is just under $2000. Meanwhile both Comodo and Sectigo are still under DigiCert’s price three years ago (I should of shopped around then).

Has anyone had success with Comodo or Sectigo EV certs or run into any issues? With all the changes MSFT is making regarding driver signing I’m particularly worried about compatibility.

DigiCert can go burn in hell. I checked on them 9 years ago, and again 6 years ago, and again 3 years ago, and again now, and each time their price has doubled. And this for a product that has ZERO dollars of incremental cost to them. It really burns me up. It shows an ugly mercenary streak and a cavalier disregard for their customer base. I’ll never buy a DigiCert product again. I use GlobalSign.

You OUGHT to be worried about compatibility, and I don’t think we know the answers.

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