Error in Win2K E100BEX sample?


I’m writing an NDIS 5 deserialized version of a legacy NDIS 4 serialized
driver, and I’m using the e100bex sample as a guide.

Is this the source to the shipping e100bex driver? Because there seems to
be an error in the driver source. In send.c, the SetupNextSend() routine
can return NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_PACKET, but the D100MultipleSend routine
does not call NdisMSendComplete() for a packet with that status, relying
instead on the status being set in the OOB data for that packet, and
relying on NDIS to read that upon return from D100MultipleSend(). However,
the documentation specifically states that in a deserialized NIC driver,
NDIS ignores the OOB data, and each packet must be explicitly completed
with NdisMSendComplete().

Am I missing something, crazy, or what?



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