EngFindResource returned NULL.


I am working with an NT printer driver, I am currently trying to load the
resource using EngFindresource(),

the code looks like this,

PSRT pszData =NULL;
DWORD dwSize = 0;

pszData = (PSTR)EngFindResource( EngLoadModule, IDR_PATTERN,
RC_PATTERN, &dwSize)

where IDR_PATTERN is a resource in the rc file and RC_PATTERN is a new
resource type with value 0x5053, the resource contains binary data.

pszData is NULL after the function call, and the error code returned is
0x1.What does error code 0x1 mean ?, is there a look up table for these
error codes ?.What could be the reason for this function to fail ?.

Senior Software Engineer,
Celstream Technologies,