EndOfFile vs AllocationSize question

For a number of reasons, I need to fudge the EndOfFile information on
files that our HSM system has released from disk. This makes everything
look “normal” to users, particularly when you start copying a file over
the network.

I’m only fudging the EndOfFile, not the Allocation size. After all, the
files aren’t actually on disk taking up any space (well not more than a
couple K anyway). Curiously though, when I view the properties on a
file that has been released, Size shows up as the number I’ve fudged,
and Size On Disk shows up as it normally does. That comes as something
of a surprise.

This of course has the interesting side effect that when you view a
folder’s properties, its Size On Disk can exceed the capacity of the
volume (which *is* sort of the point of the HSM system). I wasn’t
really expecting the Size On Disk to do that though.

Or is this something I should just chalk up to the vagaries of Explorer
and be happy it doesn’t explode?



IIRC sparse files and compressed files have smaller allocation size than real file size, so even 0 could work for you. But I am not sure.