Driver Signing - Did the portal change?

I went to log in to sign some drivers and nothing was there. I clicked a thing to get started with hardware, which had me create an azure account, I did that, but when I click log in it takes me to a screen of what I need, then next brings it back to the prior page. It’s in a loop. Also what happened to all my other drivers? Does anyone know? There is no help links to MS that make any sense to get help with it.

So after an hour or so, they fixed something, it gave me more information on that first page that I was signed on under some partner id account and need to sign in to the azure account and that it would link the two. I did that, but now stuck on the “Registration - Sign and upload your file”, I do that process (which I did in the past on the old system), and upload, but then it complains that the certificate is already in use by another company/account. But that must have been the other one from the old hardware dev portal dashboard. I wonder if this stuff is just going live today?

I FOUND 'EM!!! I couldn’t get any help from MS on this at all, bounced around from visual studio /msdn over to partners over to azure. argh!! so I started digging through my password manager deeper and I came across the old sysdev information and low an behold, there was a “new system global administrator” I noted in there when they were getting rid of sysdev. It has a random value before the domain, but it works! Geez … so in the old says you could get a hold of sysdev fairly easily and they could help you. Once you log in it seems like you have points of contact. Also NICE, the UEFI stuff is there too!! awesome.

I have one top level contact there but didn’t want to use him/her, and looks like many of my suggestions such as providing VM’s with ready to roll things like HLK, and consolidatating UEFI and drivers to same dashboard and at least in azure portal there are clear points of contacts for help. But overall the msft site as a whole needs more consolidation or clear path for specialized support issues. Looks like they are trying to get there.