Driver for mount new device (or volume)

Hi guys,

is here any sample driver for creating new device (volume) and turn see t as “D:” or “E:” , for simulate new device ?

Any ideas ?


Hi Dorival,

This is more like a question for NTDEV than NTFSD since you’re intending to create virtual disk. Anyway, I have done this in the past using KMDF. I wrote a bus driver which creates children devices dynamically, then I wrote a device driver for those devices which implement the storage interface.

Take a look on the TOASTER sample at WDK. That was my start point.

If you’re using WDM instead of KMDF, I think you can write a BUS filter for disk class and add your virtual devices in response to PNP query relations IRP. I didn’t that yet, so I’m not sure if it’d work. Anyone from NTFSD has tried? KMDF doesn’t support bus filter development though.

I know there is an open source project called TrueCrypt ( which also creates storage devices but I don’t remember for sure how it does so, but you can download the source code and take a look.

I hope that can help you.


Fernando Roberto da Silva
DriverEntry Kernel Development

Thanks Fernando !

This information is very helpfull !

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