Drive is displayed with an offline network drive icon

I have developed an Network redirector that is doing ist job Pretty well.
Only when some applications use the openfile common dialogs, they show the
icon for the drive that is mapped through my driver as being disconnected/offline
although clicking on it shows the directories and it all works just fine.
Also a display of “net use” shows an empty Status for my drives.
Any help would be appreciated.
Edwin Woehrstein

It’s a little foggy but I seem to recall some of this being supported through the NP DLL interface. Do you have an NP DLL in place for your redirector? If so, try tracing each of the entry points there for the calls from the net tool.


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Hello Pete,
yes I do have an NP DLL.
I have done tracing of the NP DLL.

net use: this Ends up in the NP DLL with enumerating the available Connections. None of the Parameters that I have returned there seem to make any difference.

OpenFile common dialog: there is no call to the NP DLL when the dialog is opened and all the ICONS are displayed.
This seems to be cached information that is used here.