DPInst.exe automatically start the driver after installation


Im hoping that Im posting the question in the right forum (if not just let me know and ill change it to the right one),

I have a File system (mini filter) driver with have the following parameters in its inf file:
DisplayName = %ServiceName%
Description = %ServiceDescription%
ServiceBinary = %12%%DriverName%.sys ;%windir%\system32\drivers\
Dependencies = “FltMgr”
LoadOrderGroup = “FSFilter Activity Monitor”
AddReg = MiniFilter.AddRegistry
DelReg = MiniFilter.DelRegistry

As you can see from the above setting I would like that my driver will start only by my user-space application and therefor it StartType set to be SERVICE_DEMAND_START.
When Im instaling my driver using the InfDefaultInstall.exe (or right clicking on the inf file and choosing “install”) the driver installed correctly and NOT started (as I would like to).
When Im instaling my driver using the DPInst.exe the driver installed and AUTOMATICALLY started to run.

Did anyone has the same issue or maybe know why DPInst start it by default and if there is a way to change it?

Thanks in advance.

I think this may help https://www.osr.com/nt-insider/2014-issue1/guest-article-driver-installers/.

Thanks for the teaching article…

So as much as I understood the DPInst is used primary for installing PNP driver which is not my driver type… and DPInst have some configurable options but none of them can control the driver start type (automatically start or manually start) , Ill guess it because this is intend for PNP driver which must be started… am I right here?