Do you know about !mex.ctbsar?

This command says that you can sort process to a desired value, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t find help with the !ctbsar command.
Does anyone know how to use it?
(What do tableid and columnid mean?)

0: kd> !mex.ctbsar
!ctbsar - ctbsar has not been documented by its creator

!ctbsar [-BypassSort] []
-BypassSort : BypassSort
tableId : tableId
columnId : columnId
headerFooterOptions : headerFooterOptions
flags: flags
indentChars : indentChars
topRows : topRows

 !ctbsar [-?|-h]
     -?|-h|-help : Display this help text

Current Owner: mexfeedback

No idea, but what are you trying to do?

In order to find hang processes, I wanted to sort the processes by the item waitTime.

I should use !mex.tasklist instead of using !mex.ctbsar first.

anyway, thanks.