DialUp connection

Hi All.

I’m working on NDIS Miniport. I have 2 problems with TAPI.

  1. What should I return in DeviceID structure for OID_TAPI_GET_ID if
    ulSelect == LINECALLSELECT_ADDRESS. Documentation says that only ulSelect ==
    LINECALLSELECT_LINE | ulSelect == LINECALLSELECT_CALL must be supported, but
    anything I return, connection goes down.

  2. If I add new DialUp connection over my adapter, I get message that
    Microsoft DialUp adapter must be installed for DialUp Connection and than
    message that DialUp network driver cannot be installed. But DialUp adapter
    is already installed.

Is there some sample source code for TAPI processing in miniport driver. I
think that structures comming with OID_TAPI_xxx queries are extremly big and
very poor documented.

Thanks for help

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