Device Object can't opened after changing data source


my driver create device objects(according to requirement2, 3…). device
object is a type of (FILE_DEVICE_CD_ROM) which read a file exist on hard
disk except to read from CD ROM. its means device extension contain the
complete path of the file that CD-ROM device will object read.

i want to change the file attached with device object run time(use
Application) by sending IOCTL control from VC++ appplication.

there is two situations

  1. send request to driver to change file path from application, file name
    is hardcoded, just send request its change the file path(source from where
    it get the data) successfully.

  2. if i send file name from user application not hard coded to the driver
    side, file successfuly attach and open the file but when i try to open the
    device object to explore the virtual CD-ROM system restarted.

file path is successfuly passed i dont know… any one can help

with regard,