Dell Optiplex Gx150 tower PCI problem revisited

“Fernando, Robert” wrote in message
> Hi all,
> Are there any special settings in a Dell Optiplex Gx150 tower that enable
> pci slot 3 or 4
> I know the cards we are trying to use in the PC all work correctly, but
> to work if inserted into pci slot 3 or 4

For those of you unfortunate enough to use one of these as a development
target, I think I have found the root cause of the flaky/inoperative PCI
expansion slots. Plain old poor mechanical design in the interface between
the main board and the expansion (riser) board.

I moved boards around and the devices in those slots stopped working, again.
By not working, I mean that they are not detected by BIOS or Windows PnP
system. So I suspected that the interface between the mainboard and the
riser was probably the issue, since there is a little bit of slop. So, I
physically moved the riser around a little after I inserted all the cards,
and that seems to have fixed it. I moved the back of the riser toward the
CPU, that was where it seemed to have the most available motion. It might
help to remove the mainboard and riser, separate them, then put it all back

Hope this helps anyone else who’s had to deal with these systems.


Philip D. Barila
Seagate Technology, LLC
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