DbgPrint output doesn't show up in DebugView in Windows 10, unless we enable verbose mode?

Hi folks,

Is there anyway that we can get the kernel outputs in debugview without enabling verbose mode in debugview when debugging windows 10?
Because in Windows 7 i get the outputs without enabling the verbose mode…

The problem with verbose mode is i get a LOT of noise in my remote windbg session, so much that i cant even debug anymore… its mostly from SXS.DLL (?)

Note that i don’t get the debug outputs in my remote windbg either, i have to enable verbose mode in debugview either way…

How can i solve this? is there any alternative to DbgPrint that i can use in my driver so i can get the output in my DebugView without enabling verbose mode?

Is using the DbgPrint to get debugging output even the standard way of getting the debug outputs from drivers in DebugView?

some sample SXS.DLL noise :

SXS.DLL: Read 946 bytes from XML stream; HRESULT returned = 0x00000000
   00000000: 3c-3f-78-6d-6c-20-76-65-72-73-69-6f-6e-3d-22-31 (<?xml version="1)
   00000010: 2e-30-22-20-65-6e-63-6f-64-69-6e-67-3d-22-55-54 (.0" encoding="UT)
   00000020: 46-2d-38-22-20-73-74-61-6e-64-61-6c-6f-6e-65-3d (F-8" standalone=)
   00000030: 22-79-65-73-22-3f-3e-0d-0a-3c-21-2d-2d-20-43-6f ("yes"?>..<!-- Co)
   00000040: 70-79-72-69-67-68-74-20-28-63-29-20-4d-69-63-72 (pyright (c) Micr)
   00000050: 6f-73-6f-66-74-20-43-6f-72-70-6f-72-61-74-69-6f (osoft Corporatio)
   00000060: 6e-20-2d-2d-3e-0d-0a-3c-61-73-73-65-6d-62-6c-79 (n -->..<assembly)

Put a level based printf style varargs wrapper around:

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