Data section lingers on for a long time in XP SP1

Hi all,

I am encountering a problem in my driver code. I have a code path where I open a binary file with read permission and map it as a DataSection (read only) to do certain things, then unmap and close the handles. After this, I create the ImageSection of the file using ZwCreateSection. This calls MiCreateImageFileMap which has a check to see if any references to DataSection of the same file still exist. If they do, FloppyMedia flag is set in the control area of the file and all the pages are read into physical memory.

This problem happens on XP SP1 but not on XP SP2. On SP2, as soon as I unmap and close the file handle, all references to the DataSection are gone but the same does not happen on XP SP1. The file system is FAT32.

Does anyone know what can I do to expedite the deletion of DataSection references in SP1?

Thanks in advance,