Creating 'dead' NTFS Junctions

Does someone know how to create ‘dead’ NTFS junctions with deviceiocontrol using FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT or similar?

What do I mean with ‘dead’?:
Everything works perfect if I create junctions as usual with a junction target, which exists in the filesystem, but if the target directory referred in the reparse buffer does not exist, DeviceIOControl() with FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT fails.

But I need that kind of ‘dead’ junction, because think of having junctions in a large subdirectory tree pointing to some directories in this subdirectory tree. Then someone wants to rename the top node of this subdirectory tree, thus making all junctions in this subdirectory tree invalid, because junctions have absolute path information in their target buffer.

So it would be useful to bend existing junctions to some future (at the moment still invalid path), do this for all junctions, and afterwards rename the top-node of this subdirectories, so that everything is perfect afterwards

This was just the background sorry, but at the end everything comes down to be able to create ‘dead’ junctions

Any clue?

Ciao Hermann