Create custom local IoTarget in kmdf driver

Can I create few local IoTargets in my kmdf driver for implementation of message channels pattern to communication between modules in my code? Some kind of actors messaging pattern…Or only kmdf ioqueue approach using for this purpose?

IOTargets eventually turn into an IoCallDriver. what you are asking is to send a request to yourself. That scenario quickly turns into how you want to handle a request with an ioqueue. If you want your internal messages to have the same characteristics as a request (format, cancelation), this is an OK pattern, but the message passing is not really private component to componet as it will pass through your top level queue for further dispatching. And each request would need some type of encoding on how to route to the appropriate component.

For internal communications, you don’t need an I/O target. Just plop the requests onto a series of manual queues. Fire an event when you add something. Your other modules can pull them from the queue in order.

Ok! Thnx for all~