Crashing with MDAC

hi all,

i have a installation problem with my driver. On XP.
I am using a filespy IFS XP 1. made it to work at boottime. handled
irp_mj_create and irp_mj_directory_control.
If i install my driver first , and then after installing mdac 2.8, when i
restart my m/c it crash, after logging screen.It restarts the m/c.
If i do the installation in reverse direction(i.e. first mdac and then
driver) it works properly. My driver works properly with Office XP.

I am not getting what is a problem. Pls help me.


Difficult to say, from your information (I even
don’t know what kind of driver you developed).

First, you have to get a crash dump and look at it
in WinDbg. Maybe you can then find the problem.

Commonly, problems with certain applications
come from the fact that certail application may
do an operation (or set of operations)
that do not work properly or are not supported
by your driver