Composite driver

Iam developing a USB composite driver and iam facing certain problems. It
would be great if somebody can clarify these doubts.

It is a composite device with HID as one interface and vendor interface as

As such the device works properly but when ran with driver verifier in
WINXP during load time a crash occurs with error code Bug Check 0x35:
NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS when the first message is sent from the driver
to the device. This driver handles only BULK in/out endpoints. The USB
stack also seems to be OK during the point of crash. This problem does not
occur in WIN2K with Driver verifier. Is there any procedure that has to be
followed for composite device loading specific to XP. It would be great if
u can provide me with some sample code for a composite driver.

Also i have another problem. I want to issue a USB reset to the port to
which the composite device is connected. In WINXP this is successful. But
in all other OS the USB reset fails. Is there a solution to issue a reset
when HID class driver is also sharing the same port.