COM application on IA 64 machine

Hi all,
I have COM out of server which compiles and works fine
on IA 32 bit platform, but when I compile and run it
gives error.

The error is while calling the method of Out of proc
server which takes an array as input through a

It gives me RPC_S_INVALID_BOULD problem.

I noticed some strange behaviour. When I make the
pointer which contains the array member NULL the call
will go the server through RPC, but when all the
parameters are valid it will give INVALID_BOUND

After doing some trial and error what I concluded is
that I am missing something in Packing of the

So I tried various packing to my structure which
contains the array. When I give

#pragama pack(1) it gives me E_OUTOFMEMORY error, and
when I give #prgama pack(8) it gives same invlaid
array bound error.

Am I missing anything in compilation option, or Midl

Any suggestions will be of great help.

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