Chkdsk problem!

I frequently encountered a problem from Win 2000 OS, it required me to run
Chkdsk utility on my Win 2000 drive. This problem exists after I run my file
system filter driver a few times. In my filter driver, I handle all
IRP_MN_QUERY_DIRECTORY request in my driver without passing down to lower
file system, but for other IRPs I do some processing and pass them down to
lower file system. It is quite tough to figure out where the problem is. I
am hooking only on C drive (which is FAT 16 drive), and my Win 2000 is on
drive D which my filter driver doesn’t hook on it. If there is any bug in my
filter driver, it should corrupt my drive C but not the OS drive D, am I
right? Hope to hear from the experts in this list. Thanks for any

Sin Lam