Certificate Transparency- Signature Certificate Timestamp

Whether valid for this form or not, the question remains - why would you want to do this?

certificates used for TLS can be valid or invalid for a variety of reasons. the list of reasons changes rapidly (relatively to other technologies) as new advances are made in the field of cryptography. new vulnerabilities are found in existing technologies, and new innovative ways of protecting data are invented at a rate that is far faster than any other area of systems programming.

so a question about how to verify one particular specific aspect of a certificate used for one particular purpose is a question you probably not one you want to ask. it can of course be done, but you probably don’t want to do it because it is likely that in a few years, this aspect will change in some kind of material way.

more likely, you want a much more generic and high level API like WinVerifyTrust. If you want more detailed info, start with CryptQueryObject. Be prepared to spend the time to understand ASN1 and the relatively arcane wincrypt API