Can't sign my driver with new EV code signing sha384 certificate

Hello, i’ve renew our EV code signing certificate, and now it has sha384 algorithm, i’ve signed driver files using signtool with switch /fs sha256, after it i’ve passed all HLK tests, and sign *.hlkx result with this EV certificate, but microsoft partner dashboard can’t accpet it due error: “Microsoft allows SHA2 only signature algorithm. Please re-sign with a valid certificate and submit again”

What should i do, to sign my driver ?

Help me, please.

Did you make any effort to read the forum, any at all, before posting your question?

Like we ask in the Community Guidelines?


Well in all fairness, my solution only worked because I happened to get a free OV cert. If you just have an EV sha384, you are out of schlitz until Microsoft starts accepting sha384.

… or until you get an OV certificate. Or you get an EV cert that doesn’t have the dreaded attribute.


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