cant see data copied to target drive

hey all,
I have a problem which i want to resolve, the problem is that i have created a driver which basically creates a virtual drive whose main functionality is to redirect all of the I/O operations(e.g read/write) sent to it to another drive. Now i have successfully redirected the request packet to the drive to which i have to copy the data redirected from the virtual drive, my problem is that i cant see the data after the process is completed. The target drive shows that the data has been copied to it, but i cant see the data inside the drive untill i reboot. Can anyone please tell what is the problem behind and why cant i see the data untill i reboot, is there a way to make the data accessible without reboot, any help would be appreciated.

Haris Tasawar.

sorry my bad , actually my whole filesystem of the target drive gets corrupted after i copy data to it, the data is not corrupted but filesystem gets corrupted.