Can't run WDK miniport mirror driver sample

I am using WINDDK 6000 version.
I want to test miniport mirror driver sample that is provided with WDK in ‘WinDDK\6000\src\video\displays\mirror’
I use virtual box for testing
I compiled mirror.dll and the mirror.sys
I installed mirror.INF file, then I merged mirror.REG file
I copied mirror.dll to %systemroot%/system32/ and mirror.sys %systemroot%/system32/drivers/
I restarted vbox machine
Connected with windbg immediately after restart
No debug message received (I believe the message “Mirrored Driver VideoPort [Driver Entry]\n” should have been displayed in windbg)
When I run the application on vbox machine I get the message “No ‘Microsoft Mirror Driver’ found”
I enumerated devices (the following were found):
VirtualBox Graphics Adapter
NetMeeting driver
RDPDD Chained DD
Question is “What did I do wrong?”
Has anyone successfully used the mirror driver sample?

I can’t test it in vbox
I have tested in VMWare on Windows XP/2K/2003/Vista32…
Everything is ok.