Can LPT port be assigned to LPR port?

Windows standard LPT port can be redirected to shared printer. But AXIS or
JetDirect network print server (example: AXIS 560 print server or HP LJ
5000 printer) are assigned to local port (HP JetDirect or Axis or LPR
TCP/IP port). IMHO, port to port in Windows 9x can’t be assigned. On WinNT
printer’s pool /Only LPT1(PRN by default) and LPR/ work , but very bad, if
print queue consist of 10-100 files: warnings every 90 second “LPT1 is
busy” and interval beetwine the jobs - 1-2 min. LPT2(3) redirection
failure. Changing the registry timeout parameters isn’t effective. Is the
sunlight in this darkness?