Can I tell if user-mode exceptions were enabled in the kernel using a full memory crash dump?

I need this from within WinDbg.

That is worded strangely. Are you asking "can I tell from a kernel dump if a user-mode process had exceptions enabled?" What exceptions did you mean, exactly? You don't get very much user-mode memory in a kernel dump, unless you take a full memory dump, and C++ exceptions are just a software convention within the run-time library without operating system support.

@Tim_Roberts I'm analyzing a crash dump. That's why I need to know that.

Do you mean can you tell if "sue" was set in GFlags?

Stop on Unhandled User-Mode Exception - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn

If yes, you can check with !gflag:

0: kd> !gflag
Current NtGlobalFlag contents: 0x20000000
    sue - Stop on Unhandled Exception

If no, then you need to be more specific...

@Scott_Noone_OSR I did check that gflag from a crash dump and that bit wasn't set. Although I could also see at the same time that the bugcheck was caused by a user-mode exception. Could there be another setting for it? bcdedit maybe?

Can you provide the !analyze -v output?

The crash dump is collected "outside" of the OS, so analyze v doesn't have a valid stop code.

OK, well, not sure what that means exactly but it sounds sort of important in understanding what you're asking...You'll need to provide a lot more info about your environment and the problem you're trying to debug if you want further help.

Forgot to update. It's cached in the following global symbol:

dt nt!KdIgnoreUmExceptions