can anyone else help me regarding my filter driver for printer in win2k(parallel port)

hi all,
suppose u r giving print command to take the printout.
what my task is it should not get printed on printer insteadof that i have
to store
the file contents to one file.we are having EPBA box.we have added one
circuit to trace the outgoing calls and the numbers will get
printed.instead of that one i have to store the numbers in one file.
i have written a driver that will capture the user buffer and it will
the contents to one file using zwcreatfile and zwwritefile.
what my doubt is whether i have to write a filter driver for parallel port
or printer.
this is for win2k.printer is not having .sys file also.we cannot write a
filter driver for printer.then how can i achieve my task

my ultimate aim is when u print command from any application that
file contents should get stored in one file instead of getting printed on

can anyone else help me
ur answers r greatly appreciated.

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