Build problem...

Hi all,

I am developing display mirror driver in 2000. And I have taken sample
driver from the NtDDK.

Now I want to load the drivers. For that they have provided the usr mode

But I am not able to build the user mode app. Problem is DISPLAY_DEVICE
structure is not compatble to the EnumDisplayDevice. There are two
structures with same name, one is NTDDK and another at user level(wingdi.h).
As EnumDispalyDevice is exported by user32.dll and takes parameter to
structure defined in user mode include directory( WinGDI.h )

And problem is, it gives unresolved external for EnumDisplayDevice. I tried
removing decoration, still problem exists. I also tried renaming it to .c
instead of .cpp.

Can anybody help me or any pointers???
FYI, code for above problem is available in

Many Thanks,