Bug in the passthru sample/NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance on VISTA x86 ?

Hi, I have a problem with the passthru sample/NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance on VISTA x86.

I tested the problem both on VISTA & VISTA SP1. I know that the problem was long discussed on this forum and on google groups as well, but i didn’t find any solution.

The sample works fine as long as I don’t add a VPN server in the connections list. When I add a VPN connection (incoming connection), the passthru filter is not added to the network component list for this connection. I am still investigating this problem but it seems that the passthru sample doesn’t add itself to the VPN medium (which seems to be NdisMediumTunel). I added this MediaType to the passthru but nothing happens. It looks like the Ndis 5.1 filter cannot be added over a VPN server connection.

The scenario described above is just a part of my problem. With the VPN connection I try to disable the network adapter on which the Ndis filter is installed, but the driver blocks in the NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance function and, after a while (around 2 minutes), the MPHalt function is called as normal.

So, does anybody knows the solution for the NdisIMDeInitializeDeviceInstance freeze?

  • Florin