Bug Check 0x27 at Shutdown

Hello all,

I had a bug check 0x27 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM
(http://www.osronline.com/ddkx/ddtools/bccodes_9uzr.htm) during the computer
shutdown. It occurred only twice over three months. The first time I tried
for two days to reproduce the problem and didn’t succeed, so, well, I gave
up. For some reason the computer was set up in the “no dump” mode so I had
nothing to work on.

This bug happened again on the computer, and, no luck, still set up in “no
dump” mode. SOOOO… Well first thing I did was to configure the blue screen
behavior to have a dump the next time. :wink: I’ve also activated the driver
verifier on this driver, although I need to mention this driver is now
considered “stable” (Obviously not that stable :wink: )

Now I don’t really understand why I get this bug check. The filter driver is
a crypto filter driver able to cipher on the fly an arbitrary local file
(including the paging file, which is the set up of the computer on which it
crashes). It doesn’t use a lot of non paged memory pool, the peak is 150 kb
if I remember correctly. The machine has got 1.5 GB of physical RAM, so
really non paged memory pool exhaustion seems unlikely.

I guess I’ll have more leads if I get the “chance” to have the BSOD again +
a dump, but does anyone of you have a hunch about what issue it might be ?
The OS is Windows XP SP2. The driver doesn’t have an unload routine (because
it register the fsnotificationblahblah stuff).

Thanks in advance!