Book Reccomendations?


I was wondering if anybody knew any good books on Windows driver development? I am in need of a book that gives me a thorough explanation of every aspect of the environment we are in, what types of drivers (software/device etc.) and all other pertinent information for a knowledge seeking individual. I know OSR has some courses but I don’t know if they teach all this information from the ground up or not? The books can be old but the information should be somehow useful in the now Windows 10 world.



Book No. 1: Windows NT Device Driver Development by Peter G. Viscarola (Author), W. Anthony Mason (Author)

Book No. 2: Windows NT File System Internals : OSR Classic Reprints Paperback.

Book No. 3: Windows Internals Part I and II.

That’s it.

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Book No. 4: Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model (W. Oney).

Better to go for Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation WDM was an old now.


Had some bugs, but still a good WDM source.

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> Book No. 4: Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model (W. Oney).

It is never a mistake to be as prepared as possible. But as long as you understand basic operating system concepts (user mode, kernel mode, virtual memory) and device concepts (interrupts, registers) you SHOULD have enough background for our seminars.

If you’re thinking of attending a particular seminar, contact me (or our seminar team) and we can discuss your background, the drivers you need to write, and offer some reading that’ll have you especially well prepared.