Blue Dump


I am getting below blue dump in one of my client’s laptop.I am not able to analyze with Windbg.Can anyone do same for me?

i have attached them on onedrive!AhMqpdlM0DZ6mn26BfnqL5e02-mm?e=wBSpkv

I am not able to analyze with Windbg.

What do you mean by that? Do you mean you don’t know how to analyze it, or you get an error when you try to analyze it, or you analyzed it and don’t understand the results, or you were too lazy to download the tool?

I only looked at one dump. In it, the kernel’s red/black tree manage has encountered garbage in one of its links. That almost always means you have overwritten a buffer somewhere.

Your code (sakfile.sys) has called into FLTMGR at offset 0x65a8. That code is not included in the minidump. You will have to use your symbols to figure out where this happened.