BDA Driver resume from Hibernate problem


I have a problem when my BDA driver resumes from hibernate, in that files are accumulating in the “\Users\Public Recorded TV\TempRec \TempSBE” folder.

We have verified that this does not happen with a third party BDA device.

The BDA driver is based on the Swtuner sample code framework, in the sense that all the WMC-facing code is taken from that sample. Our device is a USB device, so has it’s power removed during hibernate and therefore is surprise removed after resume.

However, we do not see this file accumulation in the folder if we surprise remove the device during normal TV playback.

Is there any way to see what is happening inside BdaSup.sys? We using a checked build of BdaSup.sys in the hope that it will give us some debug trace information, but it provides nothing. We have also tried using a checked build of MSVicDtl.dll in the hoope of seeing something, but again we are unable to create a log file suing the method recommended in MCPCvidcap.doc.

Any ideas appreciated.

Nick Clarke