AW: how to set breakpoint in this way?

Hello George,

if this is another question regarding managed code debugging, you should know that there is no guaranty that the HW breakpoint will actually be hit.

Ok, it will be hit, but the Address where you put you HW breakpoint may point to another object or to free space after a garbage collection. If the Object is in Gen #2 there is a good chance that it will stay where it is. If you use a pinned GCHandle you prevent the Object to move in Memory, so this is also an option.


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Hello everyone,

I want to set a break point and wants it to be triggered when a piece memory (begin address and length are known) are changed. I am working on Windows Server 2003 x64 platform. My purpose is to monitor when the memory content is changed and gets the call stack.

thanks in advance,

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